Apple launches new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – Here’s what you need to know

It’s already here, after months and months of rumors and speculation, finally the world today met the new iPhones. The devices were presented on the afternoon of Wednesday (7) during an event held by Apple in San Francisco, United States, and have the main highlights resistance to water and dust, improved screen, stereo speakers and headphone with connector Lightning, abandoning the traditional jack.

In addition, already quite it early was confirmed: the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch screen) will bring two cameras on the back. With this, the device gets new features for image capture, such as optical zoom of 2x. In addition, the screens of the new iPhone also feature improvements, are brighter, have standard color film and have 3D touch enhanced to ensure better functioning with the new functions of the device.

The main new features include new CPU and GPU, headphones with Lightning connector (adapter for traditional 3.5mm jack) included in the box with smartphone and also launching a pair of wireless headphones, the AirPods.


Apple has given special care to the development of the look of the new device. Combining aluminum and glass, the new iPhone brings precise detail and finish even more modern, with integrated antenna. The most demanding, however, may not like the bulge back where is the camera, but even so it matches the rest of the look of the device.

The big news here is the jet black model and the black Apple logo detail material that stands out from others for being reflective. In addition to this model, the new iPhone will be available in gold, silver, rose gold and conventional black.


Another highlight of the new iPhone is its resistance to water and dust. The gadget has been completely redesigned from the outside in so that everything remained perfectly sealed, thus preventing dirt or liquids come into contact with any internal part of it. The certification is IP67 waterproof.

New Home button

The Home button has gained special attention during the event of the new iPhone. It has been completely redesigned to become more reliable and have better answers, after all it is (and will increasingly be) an authentication feature in Apple gadget.

The big news here is the confirmation of an old rumor: the button is not clickable, making it just the touch. The change is in line with similar changes made by Apple throughout its history, as recalled Schiller to mention the iPod control buttons or the trackpad of the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

iPhone Plus with two rear cameras

Perhaps one of the highlights of the event, the new cameras of the two iPhones were also displayed by Schiller as something totally new. With optical image stabilization, and exposure to three times larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 7 camera is 12 megapixels, f / 1.9 (receiving 50% more light), lens of six elements, 60% sensor faster and 30% more efficient time to capture images and quad LED flash.

The flash gained a more prominent with a flicker sensor that allows the phone to work best with artificial light and compensate for the absence of light, all to further enhance the end product of a catch. In addition, the cameras of the new iPhones are supported by a processing system smarter and faster, able to carry more than 100 billion processing actions in just 25 milliseconds.


But of course the main highlight here is due to the confirmation of one of the hottest rumors of recent times: the iPhone 7 Plus has two rear cameras, a wide angle and a telephoto camera. The combination of these two parts offer a 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom for the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Moreover, it further enhances your photos, complete with live preview of the final result of the capture before it is actually carried out.

The front camera also has not been forgotten and now has a greater camera of 7-megapixel sensor and also allows the realization of video via FaceTime calls in high definition (HD). It records video in Full HD, has timer, exposure control and more.

Improved screen

The screen of the two new iPhones also received special treatment and now offers 25% more brightness and technology Wide Color Gamut (WCG), which offers a wider range of colors in the RGB spectrum. With this, the display of the new devices come standard cinematic color and also an advanced system of color management. Finally, support for 3D Touch was enlarged and will be easier to use it in an integrated manner to other apps from the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Stereo Loud speaker and Lightning headphones

The multimedia part of the new iPhones also has other news: both the iPhone 7 and the Plus version now have a pair of high stereo speakers (one on top and one at the bottom of the device). With this, Apple smartphones feature a dynamic range of enhanced sound, providing a more enjoyable experience when you need to use the laptop speakers to hear something.

The main novelty of this sector was due to another confirmation: the new iPhones do not have traditional headphones input and switch to the Lightning connector. Apple justified the change saying that the new resource demands are not met by an old technology, and state that there are now over 900 million audio devices using the new connector.


However, to please the fans, Apple includes the basic kit both iPhone 7 as the iPhone 7 Plus a pair of headphones compatible with the new entry, plus an adapter for you to connect a headset with conventional plug that you already own. Another Apple’s new device was the launch of AirPods, the headphones wireless company that will sell for $159.

New A10 processor Fusion and more battery

Another big announcement by Apple is the inclusion of the new A10 Fusion chip as the heart of the new iPhone. It has 64-bit architecture and quad-core (two of them for high performance), being able to work intelligently to offer more features when you need more, and less when so much power is not needed. This pair provides a processing cores 50% higher than Apple A9. The GPU also new, has six cores and provides graphics performance significantly higher than its predecessors: 50% faster than the A9 and 150% more than the A8.

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were presented as those of better energy consumption of all nearly 10 years of the smartphone. According to Schiller, the iPhone 7 will have up to two more hours of battery compared to the iPhone 6s, while the iPhone 7 Plus can be up to an hour more of life on full usage of the battery than the iPhone 6s Plus.

Hands-on Session

We got our first Hands-on session with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

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