How BlockChains will change the poorest countries in the world! “YEMEN”

         BlockChain Technology will change the future of many countries in the coming years. To understand how this can happen we need to understand first that blockchain technology is not concentrated only on coins and crypto currency but can be implemented to all other expects of society that require contracts, ownership titles or anything else in that matter that will need concrete proof of agreements,tasks,ownership etc..

This might seem a little complicated but it really isint to give a better example I will be looking at a specific country. “Yemen” I picked this country because it is one of the countries I strongly believe will be effected greatly by block chain technology. For one the Yemeni rial which is the current currency in the country is facing inflation because of the on going war and civil unrest in the country with ever increasing prices of daily bread and gas.

I have also did a survey with over 4,000 people on a Yemeni facebook page asking them about some of the major issues they think effect the country from even before the unrest in the region that started after the Arab spring in 2011. This is the results:

1.) Qat – Wastes peoples time that they could have spent improving there lives, wastes there money, drains the water resources left. Replaced cash crops like coffee that could have thrived Yemen’s economy and helped the country get out of poverty.

2.) Trash everywhere, things like plastic bags Kills the environment and makes the land not able to grow fertile anymore also allows diesel to spread more rapidly Cholera etc..

3.) Bad schools – Cheating,Bribed Teachers this Doesn’t’t allow Education to thrive, in turn the people can’t lead them selves out of problems but await assistance from others.

4.) Bribes – Causes corruption in all systems in place to help the people, in turn doesn’t’t allow trust between the people and those who govern.

Pollution: Diesel pollute the air – makes many people sick with asthma and other lung issues.

Now BlockChain technology can’t pick up your trash or stop people from chewing Qat. But there is something that can help change and that is corruption. The ability for government held positions to gift away resources, land, and even jobs to there own friends and family members with out public scrutiny because its all happening under the table. Blockchain technology with the help of public ledgers that can not be edited or change can help solve this issue.

Living beside a huge concentration of Yemenies  in Oakland CA gave me a opportunity to go in to there community and ask about how they are helping there fellow yemenies back home. Many said they are actully doing the opposite now becasue as much as they would like to help and invest in there home land, they dont see any future in sight for them there. When I asked them why they said the main reason was because of corruption one person told me that he was a big investor in real esate and was buying land across the country but one of the biggest issues he faced was after buying the land people armed with guns would approach his workers that where building on the land and demand that they leave immeditly claiming this is there property now and show forged documents that where stamped and approved by government officials that most likely where bribed.

So now you might think how in the world would blockchains be able to solve this ?

If every sale of land was recored on a public leger where everyone can publicly see, that person that sold you the land can’t turn around and sell it to someone else. Because those that are mining the blockchain around the world most likely running under the backbone of Ethurium have decentralized  acess of denighning that transaction or contract to pass thru because the land is someone elses property at this point.

This will give confidence for people to invest again in countries they havent even steped foot in, these issues are not concentrated just in yemen but across the world in developing countries. BlockChains will effectively tackle Corruption in those societies allowing transparent and radical changes in all public systems.

So I have decided to begin tackiling this issue and creating a decentralized blockchain for all devolping countries can use. If you are intrested in helping your communites and taking down corruption join us to start the blockchain revolution in your areas no matter where you are in the world. Contact us directly at [email protected]

Looking forward to working you all to make this world a better place for everyone not just the 1%

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