How to get rich in 2018 & change the world! |Ai,Crypto,PV,Blockchain,EV|

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We will be focusing on these topics in 2018 and giving you all the information you need summarized for our readers and up to date.

The Future: Blockchain – Artificial intelligence – CryptoCurrency – Photovoltaics “Solar Energy” – Energy Storage – Electric Vehicles / Do one of these right and you change the course of history and get super rich while at it.

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Blockchain :

Artificial intelligence:

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JG is a Entrepreneur / YouTuber that has love for new technology and the future it will bring. Graduate with a BA in Information Systems from SFSU. He has Combined over 20million views on his YouTube channels and created 3 online business “JGTechBlog” – “UnlockTheSource” – “CLEQQ”. One thing many dont know about JG is that he has a huge Passion for photovoltaic systems and sees them as the future for everything in the world.