Instagram Now Lets You Zoom in on Posted Photos and Videos

Instagram has updated their app with a very desired and expected function for a long time by its users: the ability to zoom in on posted pictures and videos. The feature will be available in version 9.2 of the app for both Android and iOS, which should receive first. The new feature will allow users to view photos and videos in more detail and break, avoid accidental likes for those trying to enlarge the photo.

The zoom mechanism is similar to the now traditional pinch movement with the fingers, separating them to approach, and joining them to zoom out the picture. In a statement sent to the press, the application development team says they are very excited to bring this feature to users of the app and that all posted content is likely to be extended. In fact, it is worth remembering that for the feature to work properly, it is necessary that the published content is the highest resolution possible, observing the limit of 1080 pixels wide.

The step seems to be taken by the social network in search of the lost market for Snapchat. Recently, the core functionality of competitor app debuted on Instagram, opening the possibility of different posts, with drawings, stickers and limited duration, and still keeping the feed photos ever. The difference this time is the incentive to the quality of images posts, as a hallmark of its competitor is precisely the low resolution of the shared content.