iPhone 8/8+ FULL REVIEW “All you need to know”

In the Box:

in the box you have the USB wall charger and the lighting cable  a wired pair of ear pods and a audio adaptor so you can use the normal headphones you have lying around..

Does support fast charging but that is not included in the box and you need to buy a separate adaptor to take advantage of that feature but even thats still very slow as it chargers 15% in about 30 min but who knows that can probably be fixed with newer updates.


All glass design that makes the iPhone really look different from its previous models and its very durable guaranteed you will see some drop tests being uploaded soon  it comes in 3 colors


space grey

and the most change came on the gold with a creme color on the back

and if you notice it doesn’t say designed by apple in california in the back any more it just simply says iPhone .. i feel like the iPhone 8 is the best of both words having the glass texture like the iPhone 4 and 4s while being a huge improvement from the iPhone 6

it still comes in 2 sizes like the previous iPhone 7  at 4.7 inches and the iPhone 8 plus is similar to the 7 plus model at 5.5 inches.

Wireless charging:

And not to mention the back glass design enabled apple to add wireless charging finally to the iPhone and whats great is that apple decided to go with the Chi standard so you can use the majority of the accessories that are already in the market and not limited to the expensive wireless charger apple sells. And to me this the most exiting news from the reals of the iPhone 8 because wireless charging will become more available across the board in coffee shops restaurants malls you name it as more and more people start using this feature.


Now one of the biggest differences with the retina display is the  true tone technology using the sensors in the front of the phone  that gives you a much better viewing experience as it automatically adjusts to match the light around you to give the most accurate colors in all kinds of environments you might be in


the camera also got improved on the iPhone 8 with a 12 MP camera and a larger and faster sensor as well as optical image stabilization for photos and videos

Audio & Speakers:

speakers have amazing sound quality and the its much louder then any phone i have reviewed

Processor & Speed:

Going on to the Processor its actually the same as the one that will be in the iPhone 10  The A11 Bionic and its really fast with 6 active cores  2 high performance cores and 4 high efficiency cores and the bench marks show that its faster then the A10 fusion chip in the iPad pro and even the intel i7 13 inch macbook pro .. but even with all that power when doing normal things on the phone you won’t really see a huge difference until your using the AR kid that comes with iOS 11.

iOS 11:

speaking of  iOS 11 everything is redesigned and gives way more then previous updates such as the control centers ability to be customized and the file app that gives access to drop box and icloud although it still doesn’t give you access to the phones main files

portrait lighting in iPhone 8 Plus  creates a depth map and separates the subject from the back round to change the lighting and effects on the subject


supports LTE advance and Bluetooth 5.0 for new accessories coming out in the market

Water and Dust resistant

Size & Price:

the iPhone 8 will start at 64gb instead of 32 and go straight to 256 for the starting price of 699 and the starting price of the 8 plus is 100 dollars more at $799

Battery :

and last but not least the new iPhone 8 and 8 plus have smaller batteries but apple has said that you will get the same battery life as older  models because of the new A11 chip being more efficient

Conclusion :

So my last input on this phone is that  if you are not ready to move away from the home button stick with the iPhone 8 but if you are and you already have the iPhone 7 or 7plus i recommend you hold off for the better upgrade of the iPhone 10.

JG is a Entrepreneur / YouTuber that has love for new technology and the future it will bring. Graduate with a BA in Information Systems from SFSU. He has Combined over 20million views on his YouTube channels and created 3 online business “JGTechBlog” – “UnlockTheSource” – “CLEQQ”. One thing many dont know about JG is that he has a huge Passion for photovoltaic systems and sees them as the future for everything in the world.