Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Chrome Loses Again in Battery Tests

It can be teased about whether Chrome is at last better than Edge, yet it’s quite clear that regarding battery life, Chrome isn’t prevalent. Google’s program has fizzled in various battery tests, however it as of late performed better because of a few upgrades. Microsoft put Chrome’s change in context.


Upon re-running Google’s test, which took a gander at to what extent the program could play video, Microsoft discovered Edge was still on top utilizing the most recent rendition of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s test utilized the same video from Vimeo as Google’s, however it included results for the majority of the top programs.


Here are the results:

  • Microsoft Edge: 8 hours 47 minutes
  • Opera: 7 hours 8 minutes
  • Google Chrome: 6 hours 3 minutes
  • Mozilla Firefox: 5 hours 11 minutes