T-Mobile Sprint Merger: Everything you need to Know / 5G kills Comcast

Everything you need to know : T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger with Sprint: Good & Bad

What does this mean to consumers in general ? will regulators even except the merger

Making 4 top companies AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Sprint  in to 3 large US mobile carriers

Is the merger good for competition, speed and prices  ? will this effect cable and broadband companies. ?

__________ Answers:

T-mobile is trying to get in to 5g and will most likely kill broadband with its fast speed so this is very bad news for AT&T Uverse, Google fiber, Comcast xfinity, Verizon and Others. All this means is that Cable will face a big competitor in the market if this deal goes thru.

verizon and AT&T are using a millimeter wave spectrum that reaches only around 2000 ft so they will need more time to get there network 5g up and running.

Also keep in mind the auction for millimeter wave spectrum will start on Nov 24 and the rest shortly after that.

The link zone that came out for metro pcs. It didnt make sense for them to come out with that device when it was better for consumers to use on the phones. But it most likely was just to test how many people will buy them so they can grab some of that cable business.

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