The Future: Flying cars/Human Drone/Project ARA/World War III 2018

  • Aeromobil will start selling flying cars
  • One man drone
  • Project ARA

This Article will help you make wise investment decisions but remember this is merely a prediction i do not know what the future holds only what information available to us today provide us with hints surrounding the future.

The Flying Boom will imitate that of the .com Boom:

Companies will compete left and right in creating private flying methods as a way of commuting.

-Aeromobil will start selling flying cars

-Flying drones will be more on the market focus

-Arcaboard will come out with a affordable version of there hover-board.

-Commercial Drones will be used more and more for delivery.

Energy Storage Success: 

Teslas gigawatt factory will have started manufacturing the worlds biggest stockpile of lithium batteries to start running its electrical cars and powerwall home batteries.

The beginning to the end to Conglomerate oil and car manufacturing Monopolies:

The new 2018 Elon musk Tesla model3 and Chevrolet Bolt Electrical vehicles will face competition from  Apple, google and other car manufacturers as they see much success coming from EV cars going for $30,000 killing the Toyota reign and creating a lead model to cars of the future that are gas free buzzing a decline for the Oil and Car manufacturing companies worldwide

The Collapse of the Apple iPhone :

Google will have replaced Apple as the best selling mobile device with its introduction of Project ARA to consumers world wide. Penetrating the future of the of the mobile industry in the world market.

In terms of mobile phones and computers we will see a introduction of environment friendly gadgets that are made to last and allow the consumer to buy parts instead to upgrade there products rather then buy i whole new item, lowering the cost and waste thats dumped in developing countries. Reducing Cost making it affordable for those that couldn’t afford over priced communication tools that had access to the internet such as the over prices iphone and at the same time reducing environmental hazards caused by E-Waste.

The Addition of 1 billon people given access to the World Wide Web:

Internet:  Poor Countries will have much greater access to The internet and increase of websites and traffic on the web as facebook and google introduce new methods of getting internet access thru drones to hard to reach areas of the world and get them connected and giving the word a window to a never seen world like ever before.

Price of Solar will decrease creating a oil market meltdown:

Solar: Poor Countries will start being dependent on green energy more then the west as it is a cheaper alternative for them then in developed countries where the Grid is in place utility companies have a built structure. Lets say that the rest of the world comes up with a way to power giant cities with Fusion reactors is that ever comes to reality, developing countries will not afford this prestige and stick with solar for many years to come

World War III:

Unfortunately the bad side is that with falling oil prices and increase in Green energy in big markets like india,USA,and China i predict that the oil economy will start to collapse and as its subsides will decrease its citizens will finally wake up to reality and revolt against the government creating panic and chaos in the middle east add that to the Syrian conflict and the involvement of the majority of the world powers most defiantly world war III will break out.

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